Smart steel products



BlueScope has a strong heritage of innovation emanating from Port Kembla. COLORBOND® steel has remained a class leader for almost 50 years – an enviable and remarkable achievement in any industry. Today, our focus on innovation remains a key element in our strategy. Our teams are trained and coached in best practice innovation processes. With an appetite for learning, adaption and evolution in a changing world, our highly talented teams in Marketing, Sales/Business Development, Technology & Innovation, Engineering and Supply chain collaborate internally and with our markets and suppliers to develop to next pipeline of innovations. Our product innovation lens looks across incremental product developments, break-through innovations and process innovations. Our service innovation delivers unique benefits and experiences  to our customers. 

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We believe in the life cycle approach to product sustainability.  We collaborate with our partners in the supply chain – our suppliers and customers – to minimise the impact of our products over their entire life, from cradle-to-grave, including raw material extraction, product manufacture, product use, disposal or recovery at end-of-life and transport. 

Life cycle approach

The actual recycling rate of steel at End of Life has a significant impact on the cradle to grave results.  

Steel scrap is in high demand and internationally traded as a commodity, and therefore has an intrinsic economic value that drives recovery of steel products at end of life.

Products we make at BlueScope

How steel is made

The pathway from raw materials to finished steel products is quite complex, involving many processes.

To complement our manufacturing processes, our Quality Policy supports the strategic direction of the company and describes our commitment to continual improvement.