Strengthening our local communities

As the lifeblood of our local communities in which we operate, we’re passionate about strengthening our local communities through a combination of our people, products and a range of support initiatives.


Globally, our steel products are at the heart of our homes and hospitals, schools and stadiums, bridges and businesses.

In the local communities in which we operate, we provide thousands of jobs and contribute significantly to the local and regional economy.  Our people support communities through donating time to volunteer for not-for-profits and other causes close to their hearts


Our communities are our homes

When working at BlueScope, people are encouraged to get involved in their local communities. We’ve set up some great ways to give back to our communities through the Strengthening our Communities investment fund. The fund creates sustainable partnerships and opportunities for our people to get involved in their community.

Community building

Construction or improvement, eg. community centres, meeting places.

Diversity & inclusion

Supporting people with a disability, the underprivileged, homeless people, indigenous people, promoting cultural diversity.

Health, safety & environment

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of the community, eg. improved construction safety, road safety programs, mental health programs, environmental programs.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths - using our expertise in design, manufacturing, engineering, building and construction.


Every aspect of shelter: homelessness, emergency accommodation, affordable housing solutions.


Training, skill-sharing, mentoring, coaching, community board appointments, apprenticeships.

Two people volunteering at homeless shelter as part of the BlueScope Foundation in the US

Homeless youth shelter

In the United States, the BlueScope Foundation donated US$100,000 to support a new residential centre being built in Kansas City by Halo. Halo provides safe housing and youth programs for homeless youth in an area where over 2,000 youth are in need of transitional housing.
Listen to Foundation Director, Jill Harmon talk about the BlueScope Foundation in the USA.

Two BlueScope employees in conversation over testing equipment in a laboratory


In India, 100 students completed a three month course in building and construction related skills, funded by Tata BlueScope Steel Pvt. Ltd. With the Indian Construction Industry Development Council, Tata BlueScope Steel developed a 15-day module to equip people with the skills required for steel building construction. The module, part of the broader course, covers topics like introduction to steel building construction, handling equipment and accessories, understanding engineering documents and, working safety with heights.Eighty nine students were successful in gaining employment in the construction industry.

BlueScope Employee assembling steel frame

Career pathways

In New Zealand, NZ Steel sponsors Te Whangai Trust to help people reach their full potential. In 2022, 800 New Zealanders from challenging backgrounds up-skilled to prepare for careers in the outdoors. The Trust aims to empower people to break habits and change the inter-generational cycle to create a better life for themselves.

Three BlueScope employees outside manufacturing plant walking to camera

Inclusion & diversity

The BlueScopeWIN Community partnership in New South Wales, Australia, supports Frame Running, enabling children with limited mobility to participate in various games and sports. A frame runner is a fully supported three wheeled framed trike. This sponsorship provides access for children who otherwise would be excluded from participating in these activities.