COLORBOND® steel - Commerical Application


About COLORBOND® steel

COLORBOND® steel combines the best of modern steel technologies, developed by BlueScope. Since the 1960s, COLORBOND® steel has been meeting the various demands and needs of the construction industry, earning a name for itself as a brand that offers innovative, multipurpose and high-quality steel building materials.

For decades the iconic building material COLORBOND® steel lives up to its standards by going through the harshest product testing to provide some of the world’s most outstanding steel solutions.

Enduring style, durable & versatile

COLORBOND® steel is more than a world-class building product. It’s an iconic brand that’s helped the building industry shape the very landscapes in which we live and work. The enduring style and looks of COLORBOND® steel owe a lot to its durability and ease of maintenance. That’s why it’s used in all sorts of applications in commercial and industrial projects, residential homes, old and new, and across multiple countries.

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COLORBOND® steel is available in a number of local markets where BlueScope operates.
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