Learning & development

Learn, develop and build as you grow

When you join BlueScope, you will have opportunities to build your expertise and specialist capabilities while working alongside people who take pride in their work and want to help  you succeed.

Working in a global organisation means being part of a global network of knowledge and ideas. It means there are opportunities to have exposure across many diverse businesses, benefiting from our world class practices, and learning from and collaborating with other markets on projects or career opportunities.

Learn your way

We have a global learning platform that supports everyone to learn their own way. From learning through collaboration, mentoring and online classes, you have access to what you need, at any time that suits you.

Apprentices and Cadets, Trainees and Graduates

Each year, we recruit apprentices and cadets in Australia and New Zealand. Watch some of our cadets and apprentices talk about their experiences at BlueScope.

Shape your path

Just like any skillset, we understand leadership requires continual development. We are committed to investing in our leaders and potential leaders to build capability and personal growth. At the very centre of this is to strengthen a healthy leadership culture by recognising and developing the next generation of leaders.