Who we are

BlueScope makes and supplies steel for some of the most beautiful, essential and enduring buildings and structures in the world.

Male BlueScope employee smiling for a photograph in a meeting room

Creating strength

We love what we do. We’re passionate about working with the strength and versatility of steel that makes it one of the most amazing and useful materials in the world. We’re proud that our customers choose our steel to create incredible things every day that matter to all of us - the buildings we call home, cars we drive, our hospitals, and the electronics and equipment we use and rely on every day.

We’re inspired by innovation, from the expertise that has made our brands a recognised name, to the robotics that drive efficiency in how we bring steel products to life. And we feel constantly energised by our collaborations with our partners, industry networks and business communities.

Young BlueScope employee standing on a platform in a manufacturing facility

Our people are our strength

Our team of over 16,500 people at 160+ sites are our strength. Across the globe, we care about the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees and each other. We create a positive, inclusive and collaborative culture where everyone is welcome, respected and heard. And our people care about their contribution, creating strength through what matters most to our customers, our local communities and environment in which we live and operate.

It is these many actions, big and small, taken with care, that define sustainability at BlueScope and the essence of what we do.

We are committed to being a responsible leader of innovative and enduring steel materials, products and technologies that anticipates the world’s changing needs, helping create the future we all want. We have some big goals to fulfill our sustainability vision and Our Purpose.

Our products are respected in our markets. We’re one of the leading manufacturers of painted and coated steel products. And we’re leaders in the design, fabrication and installation of sustainable, custom-engineered structures from relief housing to massive warehouses.

“We create and inspire smart solutions in steel, to strengthen our communities for the future.” This is Our Purpose, at the heart of what we do. 

Our beginnings

BlueScope Steel was born on Monday 15 July 2002, when we publicly listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). But our beginnings go back much further.

A local approach supporting a global business

The way we started continues to be a positive legacy for how we go about things today. In every country we operate, it has and always will be our connection with local grass roots that has given us strong resilient foundations. Relationships with our ‘neighbours’ creates strong local communities and sharing local knowledge across our business helps us build a better global BlueScope.

Creating strength with steel for over a century

And we’ve been building on this local-global approach for decades. Our Australian heritage started back in 1915, under the banner of BHP. Over the years we have continued to grow through partnerships and acquisitions with companies highly regarded by their local communities, bringing in businesses in Asia from 1965, in New Zealand from 1992, and in the US from 1996.