Industries we support

The steel we supply today will support and strengthen our communities for decades to come. BlueScope has broad exposure to end-use segments across geographies, largely focused on the building and construction industry, as well as automotive and manufacturing end-use segments.

Steel is in our buildings and infrastructure, the cars we drive, other transportation we use, and the mechanical and electrical equipment we use every day and we all rely on. If steel is not ‘in’ something, it’s probably in the machine that was used to make it.


The industries our steel supports

Across the world, the steel industry supports some of the largest markets that use steel to make railways, roads, vehicles and domestic appliances. 

  • Building & Construction: 62%
  • Manufacturing & Other: 16%
  • Automotive: 13%
  • Export: 9%

Construction & beyond

As a leading international supplier of steel products and solutions, we’re principally focused on the global building and construction industry, however, our steel is used in a multitude of ways and in different end-use segments. For example:

  • High-impact steel grades for defence, transport and mining equipment.
  • Advanced coating technologies and extensive performance testing for improved corrosion resistance. 
  • Weathering steel products for bridges and other applications.

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How steel is made

Find out about steel how steel is made, its flexibility and its endless ability to be recycled.