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Why sustainable steel matters

Steel is an essential material for modern society and vital to a sustainable future. A future that considers the needs of people and the environment as it grows and develops.


With its strength, durability, longevity, and ability to be reused and infinitely recycled, steel is a material of choice for buildings, infrastructure, light weight transport, energy production and transmission, and many other uses. Steel is central to society’s need for a circular economy – we want steel to remain useful for as long as possible, and then be reused, repurposed and eventually recycled.


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The role our steel plays in sustainable development

Steel is a critical enabler of sustainable development, contributing to the achievement of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We’re a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and we are working to help advance the Sustainable Development Goals.

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Collaborating to achieve sustainable outcomes

We’re working hard to achieve five sustainability outcomes. They represent the sustainability challenges and opportunities our stakeholders consider most important, and that are critical to our success.

We know we can’t achieve our sustainability outcomes on our own. That’s why we seek to work with a broad range of stakeholders, whether that be through our internal teams working across the globe to share best practices, or leveraging talent and expertise from partners, including contractors, suppliers, industry organisations, business and regulatory bodies, standards and certification professionals.

Delivering sustainable outcomes

Our Sustainability Outcomes reflect our long-term vision to manage our economic contribution, the effect of our operations on the environment, and engagement with our communities.

Our commitment

Our commitment to sustainability is expressed in Our Purpose & Our Bondwhich reflects our belief in responsible management of our business, transparency and doing what is right. Our commitment to operate a resilient, sustainable business is a foundation to Our Strategy to Transform, Grow and Deliver.

BlueScope Our Purpose and Our Bond
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Our approach

Our strategic approach to managing sustainability underpins the strength of our business performance and reputation. Based on a balanced view of business objectives, broader trends and stakeholder interests, our approach is put into action by integrating sustainable practices throughout our entire value chain from sourcing through to product development, manufacturing, sales and recycling.

We’re focused on specific priorities and fulfilled by our people every day, that defines how we develop, manufacture and sell steel products and solutions, while building our own resilience and capacity to drive a sustainable future.

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Governance and policies

We believe in the fundamentals of strong Governance and the principles of Ethics & Compliance. These are the basis of our commitment to the highest standards of business conduct expressed in Our Code of Conduct and the policies and standards that support our people in their daily work.

We encourage a culture of speaking up to ensure standards of conduct are always preserved.

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Data and reporting

We regularly seek feedback from our stakeholders about what matters to them, which informs our approach and priorities. Progress on achieving our sustainability outcomes is communicated annually in our Sustainability Reporting suite. Our sustainability data and metrics are detailed in our Sustainability Reporting Supplement.