Responsible sourcing and suppliers

Partnerships that help us manage supply chain risk

BlueScope fosters responsible sourcing practices and conduct according to applicable laws and regulations, and to our own core aspirations and values expressed in Our Purpose & Our Bond, and the behaviours and principles of our Guide to Business Conduct.

Our Responsible Sourcing Policy outlines our commitment to embed and promote ethical and responsible sourcing across BlueScope and our supply chain.

We recognise that our partnerships with suppliers are crucial in sustainably managing the social, environmental and ethical risks inherent in our global supply. We seek to work with suppliers and partners who share similar values and take a similar approach to protecting human rights, caring for people and the environment, and creating a strong, sustainable future.

We carry out due diligence with prospective and existing suppliers, communicate our expectations and monitor alignment using as a basis our Responsible Sourcing Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct. In the process we ensure there is clarity around the principles of our key governing documents. Issues and opportunities are identified and addressed through engagement, risk assessment and improvement activities.

BlueScope conducts its procurement and sourcing activities with integrity, and we do not tolerate bribery, corruption and unlawful practices. Although we do not tolerate critical breaches of our Supplier Code of Conduct, BlueScope does not walk away from suppliers facing genuine difficulties in achieving compliance. We encourage reporting of any observed or suspected misconduct – reporting can be made using this Reporting Business Conduct link

Key documents and reports:

  • Responsible Sourcing Policy - sets the intent, priority and drive to ensure we have sustainable sourcing practices.
  • Supplier Code of Conduct - sets out the minimum standards BlueScope expects of its suppliers, and that we expect our suppliers to communicate to their own suppliers, and so on through the supply chain. The Code is relevant and applicable for all BlueScope’s suppliers and contractors, including their use of subcontractors. We require our suppliers to monitor their compliance to the Code and to communicate to BlueScope any issues or challenges in their operations and supply chain. Suppliers will also be required to comply with BlueScope processes that seek to assess compliance with the Code, which can include responding to requests for information, site visits, third party assessments and corrective action plans.
  • Modern Slavery Statement -  in accordance with requirements of the Australian Modern Slavery Act, BlueScope reports on the activities we have undertaken to identify and manage the risk that we may cause, contribute or be directly attributable to modern slavery within our operations and our supply chains. We seek input from stakeholders from time to time and make use of aggregated assessment data for this reporting.