Being a responsible neighbour

We are committed to protecting the environment.

Resource efficiency enables us to provide smarter steel solutions with the least impact on natural resources and the local environment. We operate our facilities with due respect for environmental laws, protecting the amenity of our community neighbours and the longer-term viability of shared, natural resources.

Water is integral to our operations, and water stewardship is a key part of our ongoing licence to operate. We aim to responsibly manage shared water resources and work with others to manage resources sustainably. Most of the water we use is consumed at our three steel manufacturing plants. Where possible, we use internally and externally recycled water to minimise our use of fresh water. At our major sites water is cleaned, cooled and recirculated, and where practical rainwater is captured on site and used. 

Waste management is also a key operational imperative. We are committed to reducing the generation of waste materials at their sources, reusing waste materials onsite, recycling waste materials offsite and maximising the storage or disposal of these materials either on or offsite, pending the further development of processes to increase their practical reuse. 

HSE evolution 

Our approach is underpinned by our integrated health, safety and environmental management systems and defined risk control practices.

We are embedding a HSE leadership, risk management and culture program – called HSE Evolution – across our global footprint. The program builds on our strong foundations, aligns to Our Purpose and integrates contemporary HSE and leadership philosophies into our established processes.

Read more about our HSE Evolution people-centred approach and the tools we use to create stronger solutions that make a difference in our workplaces and communities.

How we make it happen

We operate in consultation with our local communities and are accountable for managing any potential impact on local resources and amenity. 

Wherever we operate, we develop, implement and maintain management systems for health, safety, environment and the community that are consistent with internationally recognised standards and enable us to:

  • Identify, assess and manage risks to employees, contractors, customers, the environment and communities
  • Strive to achieve leading industry practice
  • Meet or exceed applicable legal requirements
  • Set and achieve targets that include reducing waste and preventing pollution
  • Develop our people and provide resources to meet our targets
  • Support the fundamental human rights of employees, contractors and the communities in which we operate
  • Respect the traditional rights of indigenous peoples
  • Care for the environment and value cultural heritage
  • Advise on the responsible use of our products

Many examples of our commitment to the environment can be found in BlueScope News and in our Sustainability Reporting Suite.

Click on the image below to read our Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy, or download a copy here.

BlueScope HSEC Policy - June 2019

Follow this link to read the Policy in languages other than English.