Sustainable Steel

Sustainability at BlueScope

Steel is an essential material for modern society and a critical enabler of sustainable development. Strong, durable and totally recyclable, steel is a material of choice for buildings, infrastructure, light weight transport, clean energy production and transmission, and many other uses.

As we are one of the largest global producers of metal coated and painted steel building products, sustainability is key to what BlueScope makes and how we operate. Our commitment to sustainability is a fundamental theme in Our Purpose, and central to Our Bond and Our Strategy:

Steel is a critical enabler of the achievement of the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a call for global action that aligns with our efforts to drive sustainable business outcomes. Integrating sustainable practices throughout our entire value chain defines the way BlueScope develops, manufactures and sells steel products and solutions, while building our own resilience and capacity to drive a sustainable future. To learn more about how we enable and govern sustainability see Our Approach.

Our five sustainability outcomes reflect the sustainability challenges and opportunities that matter most to our stakeholders and our success.  Read more in the sections below. You can also refer to our latest Sustainability Reporting Suite and to our Sustainability-focused investor briefings.

To learn more about our strategy, projects and goals for climate action and sustainability, listen to three BlueScope leaders in an episode of our Voices of BlueScope podcast.

Sustainable growth and transformation

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Operate and transform our business for long-term success with good governance, capital discipline, customer focus and innovation

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Safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces

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Create safe, healthy, and inclusive workplaces that value diversity, inspire creativity, support capability and reflect the communities where we operate

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Climate action

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Collaborate and act to reduce our impact on shared resources, mitigate climate risks and leverage opportunities

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Responsible products and supply chains

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Foster responsibility and collaboration in our operations and supply chains to provide smarter steel solutions and support a circular steel economy

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Strong communities

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A responsible community employer and partner, respecting local values and sharing success.

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BlueScope's Sustainability Report communicates our progress towards important sustainability goals. Our latest Sustainability Reporting Suite and an archive can be found here.