19 September 2023

FY2023 BlueScope Sustainability Report

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BlueScope’s annual Sustainability Report captures our progress against our five sustainability outcomes:

  • Sustainable growth and transformation
  • Safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces
  • Climate action
  • Responsible products and supply chains
  • Strong communities

Our FY2023 Sustainability Report and the Sustainability Data Supplement provide an overview of how our people are progressing projects to achieve sustainabile outcomes for our customers, communities, shareholders, supply chain and the environment. This year we also have a Sustainability Metrics and Data Tables file to provide even more detail about our sustainability progress.

Safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces:  

  • We completed 249 team-based HSE risk control improvement projects out of 250 but we still have work to do to minimise harm in our workplaces

  • We continued to build a workforce that reflects our communities: women now comprise 24 per cent of our total workforce and 55 per cent of the Executive Leadership Team

  • We progressed our human rights due diligence and are actively addressing issues as we identify them.

Sustainable growth and transformation  

  • We recorded an underlying EBIT of $1.61 billion – the third highest full year result in the Company’s listed history 
  • Approximately $1.9 billion of future investment priorities have been identified: 
    • Port Kembla blast furnace reline and upgrade, and pipe and tube mill 
    • North Star debottlenecking 
    • Australia Steel Products metal coating line capacity upgrade 
    • Climate investment program 
  • Since 2022, BlueScopeX™ has connected with more than 350 new companies and invested in five projects, including green hydrogen, sustainable building materials, low carbon energy sources and future logistics solutions to reduce Scope 2 and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Climate action 

  • Projects underway across the business to explore increased scrap steel use, green hydrogen and direct reduction technologies  

  • Over 3.6 per cent reduction in steelmaking and non-steelmaking GHG emissions intensities since FY2018 

  • We have launched BlueScopeXTM to make small-scale, early-stage investments in the fields of steel decarbonisation and energy efficient buildings  

  • Many sites across our operations have solar projects underway

Responsible products and supply chains  

  • New Zealand’s Electric Arc Furnace feasibility study was approved for execution, targeting a 45 per cent reduction of emissions  

  • Steelmaking GHG emissions intensity is tracking ahead of our 2030 target with a total 8 per cent reduction since FY2018 and non-steelmaking GHG emissions intensity is tracking close to target, decreasing by 8.8 per cent since FY2018. 

  • We have progressed some key decarbonisation projects: completing a concept study on DRI Melter technology with Rio Tinto and kicking off our Australian Options study

Strong communities 

  • We achieved Responsible Steel site certification for our Western Port site in Australia

  • We were shortlisted for the World Green Building Council’s Asia Pacific Business Sustainability Leadership Award

  • We continue to advance supply chain transparency with 229 supplier assessments completed, up 65 per cent on the previous year.