Our communities are our homes

Our success relies on communities supporting our business and products. In turn, we care for the environment, create wealth, respect local values and encourage involvement. Our strength is in choosing to do what is right.

At BlueScope, we live by Our Bond. We choose to do what is right by our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our communities. Across our Company, our employees have found a variety of ways to combine their own efforts with the resources of BlueScope to help make our communities the best they can be.

In the Illawarra, we are very proud of our association with the BlueScopeWIN Community Partners program, which was established in 2012.


BlueScopeWIN Community Partners program

The BlueScopeWIN Community Partners program brought together two proud, long-standing Illawarra businesses to create a local community support fund. Since then, the program has supported over 150 local community groups with well over $1.5 million in funding.  Collectively, it’s all about making a real difference to the Illawarra community.

First Nations Framework - strengthening community

At BlueScope we have been supporting First Nations communities through a range of initiatives for several years including our involvement with Jawun Indigenous Partnerships, Indigenous interns, a range of regional community-based programs and our membership of Supply Nation.

We have built upon this foundation through the development of the First Nations Framework which describes how we will go about this work.  We acknowledge we have a lot to learn, and we aim to do this in a genuine and respectful way as we build new relationships.  

Work has already started in the Illawarra through the National Indigenous Australians Agency.  We will take what we learn from this experience into other regions where we operate.  

Want to apply for sponsorship or funding?

Sponsorship information and application form can be found on the BlueScopeWIN Community Partners website.