Mixed Reality Training in Port Kembla

Monday, May 8, 2023

Every day, our people are transforming our global BlueScope business through various digital technologies, enhancing collaboration, sustainability, safety and efficiency at work.

One example is the use of mixed reality tools such as the Microsoft HoloLens in Port Kembla, Australia. Watch the video below, in which Alanah Hunter (Materials Engineering Cadet), Ashley Becker (Technical Coordinator Caster and Water Treatment) and Olivia Tonitto (Materials Engineering Cadet) demonstrate how the HoloLens is being used to create augmented training material, which can be used and adapted to be fit-for-purpose by on-site employees in real time.

This trial of the HoloLens Guides program among new employees garnered impressive results; it has the potential to revolutionise training at our manufacturing sites, altogether offering better visual aids, reducing the number of process errors and improving productivity.