FY2022 BlueScope Sustainability Report

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BlueScope’s FY2022 Sustainability Report, released today, is our latest update on progress towards our five sustainability outcomes. 


Our FY2022 Sustainability Report and the Sustainability Data Supplement provide an overview of the key steps we took on our sustainability journey this year. A Summary version is also available. 

The Report features our achievements as we continue our sustainability journey. Our commitment to, and action on, sustainable development was recognised by worldsteel naming BlueScope a Sustainability Champion for 2022. 

The Report demonstrates how we are focusing our actions to deliver on our five sustainability outcomes, some of which are highlighted in the infographic and commentary below. 

Safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces:  

  • Our HSE Evolution leadership, risk and culture program was named a joint winner of worldsteel’s Safety and Health Excellence Recognition 2021 
  • We have completed 243 team-based HSE risk control improvement projects, along with 53 environment improvement projects 
  • We are continuing to build a workforce that reflects our communities:  women now comprise 24% of our workforce, including 16% of operator roles 

Sustainable growth and transformation  

  • Record financial performance of $3.8BN underlying EBIT 
  • Our growth and acquisitions in the US have focussed on the circular economy and expanding our coated and painting footprint  
  • Further deployment of advanced analytics, automation and digital solutions to improve customer and operational experience  

Climate action 

  • Projects underway across the business to explore increased scrap steel use, green hydrogen and direct reduction technologies  
  • Over 3.6% reduction in steelmaking and non-steelmaking GHG emissions intensities since FY2018 
  • We have launched BlueScopeXTM to make small-scale, early-stage investments in the fields of steel decarbonisation and energy efficient buildings  
  • Many sites across our operations have solar projects underway 

Responsible products and supply chains  

  • We have achieved Responsible Steel site certification for Port Kembla Steelworks    
  • We are responding to customers’ demands for products with higher sustainability performance, including cool roofing solutions incorporating solar reflectance technologies and high strength steel grades that reduce the volume of steel required 
  • We are driving supply chain transparency – 139 prioritised supplier assessments completed 

Strong communities 

  • We have continued to support our communities during the pandemic 
  • We have engaged with thousands of community stakeholders for the No. 6 Blast Furnace Reline and Upgrade Project 
  • Our global operations have generated direct economic value of $19.3B as we employ local people, make payments to suppliers, and support the economies where we operate, including through tax contributions 

In recent years, across all areas of sustainability, we have sought to pursue industry leading practices and strategies.  Now we are seeing the results of our efforts, which continue to drive enthusiastic contribution from our diverse workforce of BlueScope employees across the globe.