Our commitment to workplace gender equality

4040 LOGO

BlueScope is proud to be a signatory to 40:40 Vision, an initiative led by members of Australia’s investor and business community to achieve gender balance in executive leadership across all ASX200 companies by 2030.

40:40 stands for 40% women, 40% men and 20% any gender.  40:40 Vision seeks to achieve this goal by encouraging companies to set and publicly report on progress against targets for the composition of their executive leadership teams.

Signing up to 40:40 Vision demonstrates our long-term commitment to workplace gender equality and aligns to Our Purpose:  to strengthen our communities for the future. 

We have already reached the 40:40 Vision target of 40% women on both our Executive Leadership Team and Board of Directors, but we recognise we have more work to do to reach 40:40 in business leadership teams and at other levels across BlueScope.  We believe all our leadership teams to aspire to this target – it is what our communities expect of us.

As we continue to build workplaces that are diverse in many aspects - not just gender – we are focused on also building a culture of inclusion to ensure that everyone at BlueScope feels safe and valued, has a sense of belonging, and can contribute in a meaningful way.  

A diverse workforce and inclusive culture are competitive advantages that lead to sustained business success and make BlueScope a better place to work.