A sustainable and enduring business

SO1 A Sustainable And Enduring Business

At BlueScope, sustainability is critical to our success

BlueScope is committed to being a sustainable and enduring business

This commitment is one of five sustainability outcomes which form the basis of our FY2020 Sustainability Report. These outcomes reflect the sustainability challenges and opportunities that matter most to our stakeholders and will drive our success.   

See the highlights of our sustainability reporting and the five sustainability outcomes in this video. 


Transforming our business to deliver the next wave of customer, growth and productivity improvements through innovation, technology and knowledge sharing and in line with technological and socio-economic shifts is one way we will become a sustainable and enduring business. 

Transformation is at the heart of our efforts to optimise our operations, improve productivity and build the capability we need in response to society’s shifting focus on urbanisation, materials choice and decarbonisation.

And our digital program is powering our transformation across our global footprint in the areas of manufacturing, supply chain, sales and marketing and customer experience. We pilot technology options to demonstrate their potential value and scalability across our global businesses, and support the business to embed suitable opportunities. These include:  data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence; robotic automation; Internet of Things; and software solutions including building information modelling and augmented reality.


Technical innovation drives our success and provides a safer working environment for our people. This year we continued to seek to identify and implement new hard controls – engineering solutions that remove people from risky environments, or that don’t need human intervention to be effective – to address critical risks. Additional robots have been installed at some locations to avoid employees having to perform manual tasks in higher risk areas.

At Steelscape in North America, the introduction of a robot to regularly skim dross (metal oxides) from the zinc pot avoids the risk of an employee receiving a lifting/twisting injury and/or zinc burns.

Temperature measurements at North Star’s furnace flat bath, where metal scrap feed is fully melted to liquid form, are now taken by robot, avoiding the risk of human exposure to high temperatures and close proximity to a potentially explosive environment.

Cardboard or steel sleeves are inserted autonomously by a process robot at our Vietnam site (pictured), eliminating manual handing risks and improving operational efficiency and accuracy.


For more information:

Here's a snapshot of our Sustainability Highlights for this past year, and you can read more details on our progress and case studies in the FY2020 BlueScope Sustainability Report. This year's Report is published alongside our first Modern Slavery Statement and our FY2020 Tax Contribution Report