BlueScope 2019 Environment awards

FY2019 Sustainability Report 2

Congratulations to the winners of BlueScope's 2019 Environment awards.  In 2019, a record 65 environment improvement submissions in the categories of Land, Air, Water, Waste, Noise, and Energy and Greenhouse gas were received from every corner of our business.  These submissions recognise the work of hundreds of BlueScope people who have worked to divert more than 1000 tonnes of waste away from landfill, reduce our GHG emissions by the equivalent of taking many thousands of cars off the roads each year, and deliver millions of dollars in annualised savings.  BlueScope recognises the genuine care our people demonstrate in making BlueScope a more resilient, connected and sustainable business. 

Today we profile one of the joint winners of BlueScope's 2019 Environment Improvement Award:

New Zealand Steel, Glenbrook Steelworks – Energy recovery in the Multihearth Furnace afterburners 

Working with Alinta Energy, New Zealand Steel’s core supplier of steam and co-generated electricity, changes were implemented to improve off-gas and heat recovery in the Multi Hearth Furnace (MHF) afterburners, and to increase steam generation in the MHF boilers. These projects have increased electricity generation by 55,000 MWh per annum, reduced annual purchased electricity by 13 per cent, and lowered GHG emissions by approximately 6,500 tCO2-e per annum.