A better built environment


BlueScope has released its first Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in response to demands for credible, product-specific environmental information from building owners, architects, design engineers and sustainability specialists, who are at the forefront of developing a better built environment for Australia.

EPDs are in line with BlueScope’s commitment to understand and improve the environmental, social and economic performance of its production processes.

The first three EPDs – for XLERPLATE® steel, Hot Rolled Coil and Welded Beams and Columns - detail environmental impacts across a range of categories.

What is an Environmental Product Declaration?

An EPD is an expression of commitment to long-term sustainability, transparency and positive environmental stewardship using information that is quantified and verified.

The disclosure made in an EPD tells the life cycle story of a product’s environmental impact. Similar to a nutrition label for food, an EPD contains all environmental information about a product, in one place, and in a meaningful and credible manner.

The information ranges from simple recycling data to in-depth life cycle assessment (LCA) results. BlueScope’s EPDs are product-specific and clearly state the true impacts of the product, differing from industry-average EPDs which do not directly relate to a specific product.

How are Environmental Product Declarations used?

EPDs are best used to support whole-of-life assessment for end uses such as buildings, infrastructure and their components, as well as everyday materials. Using product-specific EPDs in the context of a whole structure or development enables environmental optimisation and progress towards a better built environment.

BlueScope EPDs are verified to be compliant with International Standard ISO 14025 and the best practice European Standard EN 15804, and inform product users about BlueScope’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

For customers, EPDs help earn points for Green Star credits in the sustainable products and LCA of building credits. Specifying BlueScope products with EPDs can be a fast, cost-effective means to increasing Green Star points for a project.

The EPDs for XLERPLATE® steel, Hot Rolled Coil and Welded Beams and Columns are registered under The Australasian EPD® Programme. EPDs for a broader range of products including COLORBOND® steel will be available in 2016.

Follow this link to read the Environmental Product Declarations.