BlueScope COLORBOND® steel with Activate® coating technology a new standard

Colorbond testing.jpg

In bringing the Activate® technology to the market, the product's metal coating underwent a comprehensive testing and development program over a 17 year period. More than 5,000 panels were tested in a wide variety of laboratory and "real world" climatic conditions. Additionally, 50 building sites, comprising a wide range of applications, as well as 5 purpose built test assessment structures were tested in the real world. 

Through changes to the metal coating found underneath the painted surface, revised manufacturing procedures, and many years of thorough testing, COLORBOND® steel now has a longer lifespan with a lower environmental impact compared with previous generation COLORBOND® steel 

To back up its improved performance, new COLORBOND® steel has been given more generous warranty periods for roofing and walling in a range of conditions.


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