Our Strategy

Transform, Grow and Deliver

To achieve Our Purpose, we not only need to attract and retain the best people, we need to innovate and transform as never before.

Our Strategy drives our focus and relies on transformation and growth, while continuing to deliver on core expectations for our stakeholders. Key to the strategy are: our investments in carbon reduction technologies and in product and service innovation; and delivering a safe, inclusive and diverse workplace, strong returns and sustainable outcomes over the next five years and beyond. 


Our strategy


Transformation is at the heart of our efforts to optimise operations, improve productivity and build the capability we need in line with sectoral shifts. As we explore and invest in new technologies, we continue to focus on strong returns for our shareholders with disciplined capital allocation.

We are focused on transforming our business particularly through:

  • Digital technology: delivering the next wave of customer, growth and productivity improvements; and
  • Actively addressing climate change: playing our part in the challenge; producing highly recyclable products


Our portfolio is focused on growing long-term shareholder value and returns: 

  • Premium branded coated and painted steel: We will drive growth in markets in India and Asia Pacific, and build on the strong value proposition we offer customers across the Pacific Rim from Asia, Australia, New Zealand and to North America.
  • Building Solutions: We will drive BlueScope Buildings growth, taking advantage of our distinctive capability and market leader position in the two largest markets, North America and China.
  • Steelmaking: We will deliver returns through the ongoing operations and expansion of our ‘best-in-class’ North Star business. We remain committed to delivering value from steelmaking in Australia and New Zealand by remaining globally cost competitive and delivering value through the cycle.


As we grow and transform, we are building an organisation with the capabilities ​to create strength along the steel value chain for years to come. As a result, our organisation will be more adaptable, with a priority on safe and inclusive workplaces for all.

We aim to deliver the next wave of customer, growth and productivity improvements through innovation, technology and knowledge sharing across our global footprint.