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BlueScope's portfolio of highly regarded brands includes COLORBOND® steel, COLORSTEEL®, ZINCALUME® steel, GALVABOND® steel, GALVASPAN® steel, LYSAGHT® steel building products, BlueScope Zacs®, and SuperDyma®. An additional range of products meets specific regional needs in Asia.

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BlueScope has manufacturing operations and sales offices in many countries around the world.  Use our Where we are directory for information on how and where to buy BlueScope brands like these.


Colorbond - web.JPG

COLORBOND® steel combines the best of modern steel making technologies, developed by BlueScope. For over half a century, our scientists have been rigorously testing COLORBOND® steel in some of our country's harshest climatic conditions. From light to dark, delicate to deep, elegant to lively, the standard COLORBOND® steel range numbers more than 20 beautiful colours inspired by nature. This gives you the scope to achieve the look you want to suit your house style and its surroundings.

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Zincalume- web.JPG

With a lifetime of up to four times that of ordinary galvanised steel, ZINCALUME® steel delivers outstanding durability. ZINCALUME® steel can be bent, folded, stamped, punched or crimped for easy fastening. The special resin coating reduces the need for lubricants for rollforming, making it less slippery and easier to handle. Its smooth satin-smooth finish has an ideal surface for easy painting. It's a design classic. ZINCALUME® steel has the unique ability to complement both traditional or ultra modern architecture. Use it with confidence. It's flexible and cost effective, so the design choice is yours.

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Truecoretm For Web

TRUECORE® steel with Activate® technology is an aluminium/zinc/magnesium alloy coated structural steel with a distinctive blue resin surface finish. It’s used in residential house framing and building frames for mid-rise buildings including multi-unit dwellings, schools and aged care facilities. Frames made from BlueScope's TRUECORE® steel are strong, straight and true, won’t twist or warp over time and won’t catch fire. They’re also termite and borer proof and offer design flexibility.

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Lysaght- web.JPG

Lysaght is a rollforming specialist manufacturing the LYSAGHT® range of quality building products like steel roofing and wall cladding, guttering and fascia, steel fencing, purlins and structural formwork from materials such as COLORBOND® steel, ZINCALUME® steel, TRUECORE® steel and GALVASPAN® steel. With a proud history spanning over 150 years, Lysaght has helped shape building landscapes for over one and half centuries with a reputation for quality, innovation and expertise.

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Butler Manufacturing™

Butler - web.JPG

For 100 years, Butler Manufacturing™ has maintained a reputation for quality in the building industry. Using only the best materials and innovative procedures, Butler provides customers with buildings that will look as great as they perform for years to come. Butler Manufacturing™ is the industry leader in systems construction (often referred to as “pre-engineered”) and has been for over 60 years. Systems construction offers much efficiency versus conventional construction methods, while still enabling buildings to be built to the same specifications and similar architectural design parameters as conventional buildings.

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Varco Pruden Buildings™

VP - web.JPG

Varco Pruden Buildings™ specialises in providing building owners, architects and building specifiers with cost-effective building solutions to meet their project requirements for both design and function. With six strategically located service centres and multiple production resources, VP is a market leader in the building systems industry throughout the United States and Canada. Using advanced design and engineering tools such as VP Command™, our proprietary design and estimating software, building decision makers can rely on VP and the VP Builder network to provide a complete system solution – on time and within budget.

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