Governance structure and Management

A framework driving high standards of accountability

The Board sets direction, strategies and financial objectives, and empowers the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) to govern and lead management of the Company on a day-to-day basis according to a governance framework of standards, structures and accountabilities. The Board also ensures that the necessary resources are in place to meet objectives and that performance is regularly assessed and monitored.

Governance structure

The Board has ultimate responsibility for BlueScope’s consideration of risks and opportunities, through the support of its Committees.

The Board has established a leadership and Committee structure to drive strong governance from the top.

Leadership and management 

BlueScope’s Executive Leadership Team (ELT) provides leadership, shapes direction and governance systems, and specifies desired operating approach and culture. 

A range of functional specific councils and leadership groups meet regularly to provide input and recommendations to ELT, for example the Central Safety Committee, Climate Change Council and Sustainability Council.  

Executive remuneration

The ELT sets the performance and governance framework by which BlueScope's management engage and align our workforce in achieving business objectives. 

BlueScope’s remuneration framework plays an important role in motivating executives to deliver sustainable profitability and business results across the cycle and aligned with the creation of value for shareholders and our other stakeholders.  The Board therefore takes great care to ensure that, as the business priorities evolve, so too do BlueScope’s remuneration arrangements.

All members of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) are incentivised to achieve financial and non-financial results against set measures. This ensures ELT collectively has a clear line of sight to business priorities and can directly contribute to performance through their actions.