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Wherever we operate we actively promote local participation and collaboration to improve and empower the lives of people working and living in our communities. Our ‘Strengthening our Communities’ investment framework is based on six areas of social need we have identified as important to us and our communities. The framework underpins our decisions on which community activities we will support or invest in.

'Strong communities' is one of five sustainability outcomes that matter most to our stakeholders and drive our success.

View our video summary or read our FY2020 Sustainability Report.


Our investments and support create sustainable partnerships and opportunities for our people to be involved in their community.

As an example, BlueScope Buildings North America (BBNA) has contributed more than $140,000 over the past 10 years to the Harvesters Community Food Network in Kansas City, a childhood hunger feeding program which provides backpacks with food to sustain hungry children through the weekend, when they do not have access to meals at school.

BBNA employees volunteer to help assemble the backpack meals, and BlueScope also funds the backpack program at other foodbank agencies across the U.S. And in Singapore, our office employees volunteered at the Willing Hearts soup kitchen, packing and distributing meals for vulnerable people and migrant workers.

“Thank you for your consistent support of Harvesters. We deeply appreciate that BlueScope not only funded our childhood hunger program, but was also gracious enough to send additional funding to support emergency assistance during the COVID crisis. Your support ensures that we are able to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow.”

Rachel Boram
Foundation Relations Manager
Harvesters – the Community Food Network, Kansas City

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Here's a snapshot of our Sustainability Highlights for this past year, and you can read more details on our progress and case studies in the FY2020 BlueScope Sustainability Report. This year's Report is published alongside our first Modern Slavery Statement and our FY2020 Tax Contribution Report