Climate change action

Outcome 3 Climate Change Action

We are well placed to respond to the challenges presented by climate change, as we develop commitments and establish key partnerships to drive fundamental shifts in our sector. Our integrated approach to climate change risk, emissions reduction and emerging opportunities strengthens our outlook for the future. 

'Climate change action' is one of five sustainability outcomes that matter most to our stakeholders and drive our success.

View our video summary or read our FY2020 Sustainability Report.


BlueScope acknowledges that steelmaking generates GHG emissions and we continue to work diligently to improve the efficiency of our operations and reduce emissions. 

Our new climate change strategy demonstrates our stronger, proactive role in reducing carbon emissions associated with the manufacture and use of our steel products.​ The strategy for climate change action encompasses five overarching workstreams:

  • Reduce our carbon intensity in time frames aligned with key investment decisions
  • Create carbon efficient solutions for our customers
  • Use renewable energy and credible carbon offsets cost effectively
  • Make the case for local, sustainable steel in our communities
  • Monitor and engage

Read more in the strategy summary below (sourced from page 43 of the Sustainability Report)

Today, climate action is a key element in BlueScope's overall business strategy, a defining signal of our ongoing commitment to decarbonisation. We evaluate and monitor the impact of climate-related risks and opportunities on our businesses and corporate plans over a range of time horizons, and monitor progress every six months. 

For more information:

Here's a snapshot of our Sustainability Highlights for this past year, and you can read more details on our progress and case studies in the FY2020 BlueScope Sustainability Report. This year's Report is published alongside our first Modern Slavery Statement and our FY2020 Tax Contribution Report