Safe and inclusive workplaces

Outcome 2 Safe And Inclusive Workplaces

Safety and inclusion are integral to the way we do business, our productivity and success – for our people, the people who work throughout our supply chains and the communities in which we operate. The safety and health of people is paramount, as is our commitment to trust, respect and teamwork in our workplaces.

'Safe and inclusive workplaces' is one of five sustainability outcomes that matter most to our stakeholders and drive our success. 

To keep improving, we are embracing new ways of thinking in line with our revised HSE strategy. We know safe work environments can’t be achieved through paperwork and compliance alone. So we are engaging even more with our people, contractors and suppliers to better capitalise on their knowledge, experience and relationships to develop effective solutions to safeguard against risks.

To learn more, read our case study and view our video summary below, or read our FY2020 Sustainability Report.


Road safety is critical to our operations, as a significant amount of our finished goods leave our sites by road. We recognise the important role we can play through collaboration with logistics providers and contractors to improve road safety.

Safety in logisticsIn Australia, BlueScope is an active participant in the Steel Transport Safety Network and Chair of the Australian Logistics Council Safety Committee. We contributed to a Master Industry Code of Practice which is mentioned in the amended Australian Heavy Vehicle National Law and for 15 years has provided expert engineering assistance to industry across the world on how to transport steel safely. We are applying the Australian/New Zealand Chain of Responsibility philosophy to improve road safety across our global network.

For our operations where there are no specific road transport legislative standards such as in ASEAN and China, the same load restraint standards are applied as in Australia.

In the US, our North Star team facilitated a workshop with the local State Patrol, Motor Carrier Enforcement Division to promote education and understanding of safe coil transport throughout our supply chain. The classroom and live hands-on workshop was attended by North Star employees, several customers and transportation representatives.

In addition, New Zealand Steel is a founding sponsor of the Road Safety Education Limited’s RYDA program, which works in partnership with teachers and schools to help students become active and responsible road citizens and stay safe on roads.

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Here's a snapshot of our Sustainability Highlights for this past year, and you can read more details on our progress and case studies in the FY2020 BlueScope Sustainability Report. This year's Report is published alongside our first Modern Slavery Statement and our FY2020 Tax Contribution Report