Towards a decarbonised future


BlueScope is proud to support the Australian Industry Energy Transitions Initiative (Australian Industry ETI) launched today.

As a partner in the Australian Industry ETI, we will work together with other Australian industrial companies to understand how to move towards net zero emissions in supply chains by 2050, and particularly in sectors where abatement has traditionally faced structural challenges.

Specifically, the initiative will focus on five supply chains which collectively contribute more than a quarter of Australia’s annual greenhouse gas emissions:  steel, aluminium, liquified natural gas, other metals and chemicals.

BlueScope’s participation in the Australian Industry ETI complements other programs underway across the Company to build sustainable supply chains, provide smarter steel solutions and support a circular steel economy. 

More information on this and our progress towards our other sustainability goals will be published in our FY2020 Sustainability Report in September.

Follow this link to read more about the Australian Industry ETI