BlueScope chosen for shipbuilding contract

ASC Shipbuilding

BlueScope has been chosen by ASC Shipbuilding, a subsidiary of BAE Systems Australia to supply steel for the prototyping phase of a program to build defence ships in Australia.  This is an important step towards the potential future supply of more than 30,000 tonnes of steel from the Port Kembla Steelworks into nine defence ships.

BlueScope Chief Executive, Australian Steel Products, John Nowlan, welcomed the contract, saying, “BlueScope is very pleased to be chosen by ASC Shipbuilding to supply steel into the prototyping phase of the Hunter Class Frigate Program.

“The Company has a long and proud history of supplying steel into defence projects – in the 1990s we supplied more than 20,000 tonnes of steel into the original Anzac Class frigate fleet that the Hunter Class ships will replace.

"Manufacturing is a key part of Australia’s history and today BlueScope is not only a world class manufacturer but we are also internationally competitive.”