COLORBOND® steel - tested for tough conditions


In Australia, our buildings face some pretty challenging weather conditions from extremes of heat and cold, to dust, rain, wind and hail. And it’s for this reason that COLORBOND® steel is assessed at outdoor sites, as well as in accelerated laboratory testing. COLORBOND® steel undergoes testing for corrosion, durability, application and outdoor exposure. There are over 12,000 panels on exposure across Australia, ranging from moderate to very severe marine environments, and from tropical to industrial locations.

In this latest installment of FocusOn, we join BlueScope scientist Scott Griffiths in exploring our premier corrosion site for testing COLORBOND® steel products, located on the coast at Bellambi Point, to the north of the Port Kembla Steelworks in Wollongong, Australia.  Scott has an important role giving our steel products a hard time to ensure that they meet - and go beyond - the necessary standards for quality and performance.  Read more about COLORBOND® steel here

Scott himself has had a hard time recently:  like many travelers around the world he and his wife were stranded overseas as the COVID-19 pandemic broke. They are now back in Australia and following the appropriate quarantine protocols.

At BlueScope we extend our thoughts to all those experiencing hardship in these unprecedented times. And while Scott refers to the  team traveling to various testing sites around Australia, this practice has ceased as we adhere to the travel bans imposed by the Australian Government to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.