Building mentally healthy workplaces

Today is designated World Mental Health Day by the World Health Organisation.  BlueScope recognises that healthy workplaces promote good mental health and wellbeing, and our HSE strategy takes into account the need to be aware of colleagues’ mental health. 

In New Zealand, employees are offered onsite training to help deal with mental distress. The sessions give them skills to recognise mental distress, and confidence to provide initial support and to guide a person towards professional help. 

Participants receive a Mental Health First Aid workshop certificate, and a badge which identifies them as someone in whom people can confide. The badge displays the ‘1737’ number which anyone in New Zealand can call to seek assistance from a trained counsellor.

In Australian Steel Products, BlueScope’s first ‘Mentally Healthy Workplaces Framework’ describes the elements, environment and activities that help sustain a mentally healthy workplace. Sessions offered under the framework have been enthusiastically received, and an online toolkit offers information on mental health, including links to external support services. As well, BlueScope’s Employee Assistance Program has a 24 hour “Manager Hotline” service to assist in giving support on mental health issues and connecting with expert psychologists.

Across our business, many employees took part in RU OK day activities last month, as seen in this video from our Western Port, Victoria site.