Sustainability case study: Waste reduction and reuse


Many areas of our business make use of opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other to resolve issues.

In one such example, a cross functional team of employees from Steelscape, North America, and Australian Steel Products has devised a system for reusing plastic barriers placed around coils shipped from Australia to Steelscape’s Kalama, and Rancho Cucamonga sites. Due to limited local options to recycle, operators now collect the barriers when unpacking the coils, and stack all those ready for reuse to be shipped back to Australia. The success of this initiative means Steelscape no longer sends nearly 20 tonnes of plastic to landfill each year, and Australian Steel Products as saved around $50,000 per annum on the cost of purchasing the barriers. 

In total, waste reduction projects at BlueScope sites have delivered cost savings of more than $500,000 in FY2019, and include reusing and recycling pallets, preventing food waste at site canteens going to landfill, and reducing hazardous waste.