Coil marking robot improves efficiency

North Star Coil Marker

BlueScope’s US North Star mini-mill in Delta, Ohio continues its drive for high performance. One example is a robotic arm installed to mark an identification number on each coil as it comes off the hot strip mill. Replacing a basic marking tool, the new digital technology is an improvement for customers and our staff through better legibility, higher speed and more options for marking the coils, while importantly also reducing safety risks to our people.

North Star is recognised as a best-in-class asset and BlueScope’s Board recently approved a US$700 million expansion – subject to meeting all necessary local and state requirements. The expansion will add around an additional 850,000 metric tonnes per annum (nearly 50% increase) of steelmaking capacity in the US, and is targeted for commissioning mid FY2022, with full ramp-up approximately 18 months later. Learn more about North Star and its community.