BlueScope welcomes US steel exemption

BlueScope CEO, Mark Vassella has welcomed the news that Australia will be exempt from US steel tariffs, as announced by the Prime Minister today.

“It has been a very uncertain 15-month period for BlueScope’s trans-Pacific trade.

“We understood the US industry’s unfair trade concerns, but we were never part of the problem. In fact, we are part of the solution - because we supply Port Kembla steel to our own factories in the US, and employ more than 3000 Americans.

“Obviously, we are very pleased all the close work with the Prime Minister, Minister Ciobo, Ambassador Hockey and key DFAT trade officials over the last 15 months has worked out. It was a great team effort to secure this deal.

“We are very pleased with the President’s declaration of a permanent exemption. So now it’s time to refocus, and get back to business,” he said.