10 houses in eight days

Hiendriyanto Margono, Houses_home_web.jpg

Lysaght Indonesia participated in the ‘Community Liveable House Act’ by donating LYSAGHT SMARTRUSS® CLASSIC to a building project that saw 10 houses built in eight days with the lightweight roof trusses.

“Speed is one of the benefits of light weight steel, and a Lysaght system is an integrated solution from design to installation,” said Puspita Sari, Acting President Director Lysaght Indonesia.

The project, attended by the Minister of Public Works and Housing, coincided with Indonesian Building Day, which aims to accelerate the construction of liveable, healthy, high quality, and eco-friendly houses for Indonesia’s community. Lysaght is one of six companies involved with the Community Liveable House Act since it was established by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, and Habitat for Humanity Indonesia.

The 10 houses were constructed in Tanjung Anom Village where a number of houses were not habitable.