Recognising the versatility of steel

Adelaide oval - 1.jpg Adelaide oval - 2.jpg GPT_sml_crop.jpg

The redevelopment of Adelaide Oval has received the 2015 National COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture at the Australian Institute of Architects' National Architecture Awards.

“BlueScope's most prestigious COLORBOND® steel award has been given to a project with a contemporary form that clearly demonstrates the suitability of steel to complement heritage buildings,” says Fiona Robinson, Group Marketing Manager - Sales & Marketing, BANZ.

"We are delighted to contribute to the transformation of the historic and significant Adelaide Oval and it is a great honour to receive a prize such as the 2015 National COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture,” said Patrick Ness, Director Cox Architecture. "Steel as a material has allowed us to design structures with a lightness and elegance that are defining characteristics of Adelaide Oval. Spanning further and doing so with strength and the least amount of material could only be achieved with steel.”

In addition, the Australian Institute of Architects National Award for Commercial Architecture went to the GPT Group’s Wollongong Central development that features 15 different steel products specified during construction and made locally at the Port Kembla Steelworks.   

GPT Group partnered with BlueScope to ensure as much local steel as possible could be used. The partnership included BlueScope fast-tracking production of the new Low-Glare Coated (LGC) DECKFORM® steel, which was then still in development, so that Wollongong Central could be the first large-scale project to use the product.

The new product features a proprietary resin coating that reduces the reflected glare of structural steel decking, making it a safer product to work with compared with regular decking steel.

GPT also specified over 2000 square metres of XLERPLATE LITE® steel to create a shroud of 750 blades finished in an iron oxide-style paint that adorn the building's southern façade.