Preparing for life after school


Human Resources representatives from BlueScope Indonesia have delivered a presentation to a group of twelve graders at SMKN 2 Cilegon school on how to conduct a proper presentation, public speaking, team building, and how to facilitate an effective meeting.

The presentation program, to be conducted regularly at schools around BlueScope’s Cilegon site, aims to help prepare students for life after school, whether they decide to enter the business world or to continue to higher education.

“These are skills students need to help them become more independent and creative,” says Hidayat. “They also help build self-esteem, which also prepares them to enter the business world.

“It is important to acquire these skills and knowledge as early as possible to develop organisational skills at school, as well as being an important investment for future study and career.”

BlueScope Indonesia has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with SMKN 2 Cilegon school, whereby BlueScope will offer guidance and support to the school and to students preparing to enter the business world, especially in the industrial sectors of Cilegon City. The program demonstrates BlueScope’s connections to its communities and its desire to help the community and support a stronger local economy.