Caring for our people

Tianjin response.jpg

The response of BlueScope people in the aftermath of the Tianjin Port explosion in August demonstrates our commitment to employees, customers and the business.

The Butler Tianjin site is only 1.5 kilometres away from where the explosion occurred. The office and workshop buildings, warehouses and guardrooms were severely damaged, and one employee and two contractors on site at the time suffered laceration injuries.

As soon as news of the explosion broke, the first response was to take care of the injured and confirm the safety of employees who lived near the blast. After the Tianjin site was made safe with water and electricity supplies turned off and gas tanks secured, the team started working on plans to continue business operations and minimise the impact to customers.

A contingency team was established, and a recovery action plan developed. Local sub-fabricators were contacted to help complete work in progress, and a temporary site found to continue engineering, estimating, project management, purchasing and other office-based operations.

With normal communication channels disrupted, a company-wide chat group was formed to keep employees informed. Customers and other third parties were advised of the contingency arrangements in place, and BlueScope also offered assistance to customers in Tianjin whose buildings were damaged by the blast.

Demonstrating the strength of BlueScope’s network, other sites were called on to supply urgently needed manufacturing supplies, and Tianjin’s 21 member manufacturing team was sent to Xi’an to continue working on customer orders there.

Meanwhile at the Tianjin site experts were called in to check the safety of the building structure and the cranes in the workshops, and a task force established to speed up the restoration of the manufacturing operations.

Overall, BlueScope’s response to the crisis demonstrated the dedication and professionalism of the Butler Tianjin team, and of BlueScope’s capacity to deal with any business challenge. The response was first and foremost guided by care – for employees, customers and the business.