Lysaght China up to the challenge

the beautiful eave in night_web.jpg the building in night_web.jpg

Lysaght China’s attention to detail has helped the business meet the challenge of supplying roofing materials for the National Ice Hockey Hall in Kazakhstan, where severe winter weather – with a difference of 60 degrees between indoor and outdoor temperatures - requires absolute protection against water, wind, snow and condensation. The oval-shaped roof added to the complexity of the project.

After in-depth discussions with the client, the Lysaght team designed the roof with tapered panel layout, and focused on the integrity of the waterproofing and gutter joints. Extensive tunnel tests were carried out to calculate the bearing capacity of the structure against the strong wind and snow load. The thickness of the insulating layer was carefully calculated, and two layers of breathable waterproof film installed to ensure each layer of roofing material was strictly airtight. The eaves of the building are a feature of the design, and Lysaght carefully selected specialist subcontractors and stationed engineers on-site to supervise this stage of construction.  The The building has passed its first test of both a heavy snowfall and summer rain storm without any leaks.

The Lysaght team was proud to attend the grand opening ceremony in the presence of the president of Kazakhstan, and with its demonstrated record of excellent technical and service capabilities, has already won two more projects, including one for the 2017 Expo to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan.