Going green in China

Green COLORBOND logo.jpg

Clean COLORBOND® steel has become the first pre-painted steel product in China to obtain the right to use the Green Building Product Accreditation trademark and be included into Green Building Product catalogue. 

The “Green Trademark” is designed to certify building materials which meet certain environmental building requirements, and is legally protected as the specific brand for these materials. BlueScope is now able to use the trademark on Clean COLORBOND® steel promotional material, which will support product differentiation and value selling in the market.

In being authorized to use the green trademark, Clean COLORBOND® steel was recognised for its Thermatech® technology, 'green' painting system and clean performance in meeting the requirements of the Green Building Product Technical Guide and Green Building Product Trademark Regulation. The trademark affirms the eco-friendly performance of Clean COLORBOND® steel and BlueScope’s contribution to product innovation.

China Building Material Test & Certification (CTC) registered the “Green Trademark” through the State Administration for Industry and Commerce to lead the development of the building material industry and guide the correct use of green building materials.

BlueScope Coated China is continuing to focus on more sustainable green products and solutions through technological innovation. This work conforms to the environment protection concepts of saving energy, water and materials, as advocated by the state.