Sustainability Reporting

As BlueScope continues to build resilience, it builds a future – for steel, for our company, for our stakeholders and for our people.

Welcome to BlueScope’s FY2019 Sustainability Report, which clearly demonstrates that as a global company, across our systems, processes and products, we continue to build resilience and consolidate our ability to respond to whatever challenges the future may bring.

Our progress has been gradual, but determined, with much to be proud of.

Always guided by Our Bond in partnering with our customers, backing our people, valuing our shareholders and respecting the communities in which we operate, we continue to build a stronger business, embedding sustainability in all facets of what we do.

Being resilient is especially important for managing the five sustainability topics considered most material to our business and our stakeholders: Safety, health and wellbeing; Climate change and energy; Diversity and inclusion;   Supply chain sustainability; and  Governance and business conduct.

These topics form the foundation for BlueScope’s sustainability reporting, following the core option of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Continue reading more information on our progress and case studies in the FY2019 Sustainability Report.