Reporting suspected misconduct

Speak Up; our accountability for business conduct

At BlueScope, in the words of Our Bond, 'Our strength is in choosing to do what is right'.

BlueScope is committed to ethical and lawful conduct at all times in Company activities. Every day, when employees interact with customers, suppliers, shareholders and other partners, our business conduct is on display. All BlueScope people are responsible for acting consistently with Our Bond and with the Company's policies, standards and guidelines.

BlueScope’s Code of Conduct sets these and other requirements of employees and, also the requirements for consultants, contractors and business partners working with or for BlueScope who are expected to act in accordance with relevant policies and guidelines.

How to report suspected business misconduct

Employees and all other parties who interact with BlueScope who suspect any cases of business misconduct are encouraged to raise such matters at any time by going to the website and using one of the reporting channels available.  These channels are all operated as an independent service by accounting company, Deloitte, on behalf of BlueScope.

Persons making contact and acting in good faith will have the full support of BlueScope.

BlueScope is committed to the protection of those making genuine disclosures from any reprisal or detrimental action.

More information on reported suspected business misconduct is available at