BlueScope is committed to living the values expressed in Our Bond and detailed further in the Company's Guide to Business Conduct and Speak Up Policy.

  • Our Bond: a statement of commitment to four groups very important to us - our customers, people, shareholders and communities. The words in Our Bond reflect the characteristics of honesty and integrity that we value and aspire to live by. Our word is Our Bond.
  • Guide to Business Conduct: sets the principles that govern how our people should behave when conducting business on BlueScope's behalf.  Information on how to report suspected business misconduct is available here.
  • Speak Up Policy: reflects our commitment to encourage a culture of speaking up when something is not right, and protecting those who do.

 A range of policies and positions detail how we do business, our approach to managing sustainability risks and opportunities, and expectations of behaviour:

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy: safely performing duties free from the effects of alcohol or other drugs 
  • Anti-bribery & Corruption Policy: operating within the law wherever we do business 
  • Diversity and Inclusion Policy: having a workplace where differences are respected and valued
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Policy: fostering an inclusive, fair and equitable work environment
  • Fitness for Work Policy: sustaining our people and safe workplaces through a holistic approach to well-being
  • Health, Safety, Environment & Community Policy: areas of responsibility integral to the way we do business
  • Statement of Human Rights: respecting human rights in all of the countries where we operate. This statement sets out our human rights commitments to our people, our workplaces, our communities and our suppliers.  It sits alongside Our Bond and the Guide to Business Conduct in ensuring BlueScope and its people operate with integrity and respect for our partners at all times.  In particular, our partnerships with suppliers are crucial in managing the social, environmental and ethical risks inherent in our global supply chains.
  • Industry Associations Position: our approach to engaging with and being a member of industry associations. BlueScope is an active member of various industry associations, which allows it to be better informed about public policy that has the potential to affect the Company, to share knowledge about policy, and contribute its views and experience  
  • Responsible Sourcing Supplier Standard: ensures we have sustainable sourcing practices that create, protect and grow long-term environment, social and economic value for all those involved in bringing BlueScope’s products and services to market
  • Risk Management Policy: creating a culture that seeks to actively manage risk
  • Social Media Policy: using social media channels lawfully and in line with our business conduct policies 
  • Supplier Code of Conduct sets out BlueScope’s minimum standards for suppliers. We expect our suppliers to meet the expectations in this Code themselves and to share these expectations with their own suppliers so that they are communicated through the supply chain.

Tax Strategy:

For information on BlueScope’s global tax strategy please refer to the Sustainability Report.

Specific details on BlueScope’s UK tax strategy (BlueScope has a wholly owned UK resident subsidiary in its corporate structure, with limited operations), include (noting that this disclosure is intended to satisfy the reporting obligations of Schedule 19 of the Finance Act 2016):

  • BlueScope’s approach to risk management and governance in relation to UK taxation is consistent with BlueScope’s approach globally and is documented in its Tax Management Framework
  • BlueScope aims to maximise profit and cash repatriation consistent with normal commercial objectives and external advice is sought on key transactions
  • As described in the Framework, BlueScope’s tax risk appetite considered appropriate by the Board (globally, including for UK taxation purposes) is conservative
  • BlueScope’s approach towards dealings with HMRC is as required given its limited UK operations