Our approach

Our sustainable and enduring business

Our approach to sustainability underpins the strength of our business, taking a balanced view of business objectives, broader trends and stakeholder interests. Our approach begins with Our Purpose & Our Bond, and Our Strategy. Together, these elements define the way BlueScope develops, manufactures and sells steel products and solutions, while building our own resilience and capacity to drive a sustainable future. BlueScope’s commitment to sustainability is led from the top, and reflected in the Company's governance standards.

We regularly review our material sustainability topics to understand what matters most to our stakeholders and to inform our strategic approach. This review process supports the development and validation of our five sustainability outcomes. In pursuit of these outcomes, we strive to create strength along the steel value chain every day, for years to come. 

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Sustainable Outcomes

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We are working towards five sustainability outcomes for our business, our stakeholders and the places where we operate.

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BlueScope’s approach to governance drives for high standards of accountability for financial and non-financial performance and conduct, aiming to build a sustainable and enduring business.

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