Introducing the FY2017 Sustainability Report

BlueScope's FY2017 BlueScope Sustainability Report builds on our FY2016 report and highlights the progress we have made and the work we still intend to do, with our actions always guided by Our Bond and governance policies.

I am inspired and excited by BlueScope’s achievements, highlighted in this report.

BlueScope has a reputation for world leading safety performance, and has maintained a Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate below 1.0 for 13 years.

We have continued to improve our economic sustainability in the regional communities of the Illawarra in Australia, and Glenbrook in New Zealand, keeping people in jobs and establishing a more viable future for those operations.

We are achieving gender diversity gains across all levels of our business: one in three new recruits to operating roles are women, we have doubled the rate of hiring women to all roles across the Company, and women now comprise 33 per cent of our Board.

During the year, the Financial Sustainability Board’s (FSB) Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) released its framework for reporting on climate-related financial risks. We have made some initial disclosures in this report and we are currently analysing the risks and opportunities that a range of climate scenarios may present for BlueScope in line with the TCFD framework. We will comment more fully on this work in the FY2018 Sustainability Report.

I hope you enjoy reading about our challenges, our successes and our plans for shaping our future.

Mark Vassella
Managing Director & CEO


 Read the FY2017 Sustainability Report online, or download the report here.