BlueScope is committed to business sustainability

At BlueScope, we express our fundamental beliefs - what we value and how we will behave - in Our Bond and our Guide to Business Conduct.

Our Bond is a statement of commitment to four groups very important to us - our customers, employees, shareholders and communities. The words in Our Bond reflect the characteristics of honesty and integrity that we value and aspire to live by. Our word is our bond.

Our Guide to Business Conduct sets the principles that govern how people should behave when conducting business on BlueScope's behalf.

Read more about BlueScope's commitment to sustainable products and the actions we are taking to be a more sustainable business.

Read our Health, Safety, Environment and Community Policy below, or download the policy here.

Safety, steel and sustainability

BlueScope has an unrelenting commitment to Zero Harm in its global workplaces and communities.

At the 2015 worldsteel conference, BlueScope Managing Director & CEO Paul O'Malley said, "the world steel industry will progress if we invest in a more holistic approach – focusing on the whole person, whole business, whole industry and whole time."

Click here for Paul O'Malley's comments on safety and health, part of worldsteel's CEO Insights on sustainability program.