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Listen to host Martin Feld interviewing BlueScope people who work every day to create strong, resilient businesses, products and workplaces, which benefit our communities for the future. Throughout the series, you'll learn about various projects, along with guests' roles and what motivates them.

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Voices of BlueScope 2020

You can browse our full list of episodes for the current year in the archive below, with the most recent episode displayed at the top.

5. Renovation Poetry with John Conran

2020 10 Podcast Episode 5 Thumbnail

In this episode, we chat with John Conran from Port Kembla about his career and how he won an internal competition (linked to Australian TV show 'The Block') with a creative, poetic entry.

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4. Exploring the Skin Pass Mill

2020 09 Podcast Episode 4 Thumbnail

Visiting a lesser-known section of the Port Kembla Steelworks in Australia, the Skin Pass Mill, we meet three BlueScope employees who offer their own perspectives on this important part of the steelmaking process.

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3. The BlueScope Foundation with Jill Harmon

2020 09 Podcast Episode 3 Thumbnail

We hear from Jill Harmon, Foundation Director at The BlueScope Foundation in the USA. She speaks about the work that the foundation does to support charities in local communities, along with her career and personal interests.

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2. A New Coil Plate Line

2020 09 Podcast Episode 2 Thumbnail

We meet four individuals who are part of the team that constructed a new coil plate line at the Port Kembla Steelworks in Australia—from the ground up.

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1. Introducing Voices of BlueScope

2020 09 Podcast Episode 1 Thumbnail

Welcome to the first episode of our podcast Voices of BlueScope. Stay tuned for future interviews with BlueScope people!

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