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Podcast host and producer Martin Feld interviews our people around the world about their careers, teams and projects—showcasing personal narratives in manufacturing. Along the way, you'll learn how they create strong, resilient products and workplaces to benefit our communities for the future.


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Episode Archive

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38. Challenging the Norm with Michelle Mamayson

2023 03 Podcast Episode 38 Thumbnail

Michelle Mamayson shares her experience of moving from the Phillipines to Australia and working as the first female supervisor at Western Port in Victoria.

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37. Beyond the Comfort Zone with Bulin Wongtanakiate

2023 03 Podcast Episode 37 Thumbnail

Bulin Wongtanakiate is a third-year materials engineering cadet, who moved from Thailand to Australia to be with family and pursue further education. In this episode, she shares her migration story.​​

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36. Lowering Barriers with Megan Bell

2023 03 Podcast Episode 36 Thumbnail

Megan Bell tells her career story and shares a range of initiatives that have been introduced at New Zealand Steel to improve working conditions for women and raise awareness of diversity and inclusion.

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35. Looking to the Future with Tania Archibald

2023 02 Podcast Episode 35 Thumbnail

BlueScope ASP Chief Executive Tania Archibald covers her experience, the lessons that she has learnt over the years and the challenges and opportunities that face the company—now and in the future.

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34. Sharing Corporate Knowledge

2023 01 Podcast Episode 34 Thumbnail

We meet four people who have worked in chemical and process engineering at the Port Kembla Steelworks in Australia, with a focus on crucial gas safety regulations at the site.

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33. Celebrating 50 Years at Western Port: Women

2022 11 Podcast Episode 33 Thumbnail

In the last of three episodes about our 50th anniversary at Western Port in Victoria, Australia, we meet five women at the facility, who share their career experiences and contributions to steel manufacturing.

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32. Celebrating 50 Years at Western Port: Generations

2022 11 Podcast Episode 32 Thumbnail

In the second of three episodes about our 50th anniversary at Western Port in Victoria, Australia, we meet three families with an intergenerational history of employment at the facility.

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31. Celebrating 50 Years at Western Port: Leaders

2022 11 Podcast Episode 31 Thumbnail

In the first of three episodes about our 50th anniversary at Western Port in Victoria, Australia, we meet three past and present leaders of the facility.

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30. A Different Lens with Letitia Holmes

2022 08 Podcast Episode 30 Thumbnail

We revisit Letitia, who outlines her experience of joining BlueScope as a full-time lab technician and shares her Indigenous identity, heritage and family history.

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29. Leadership and Accessibility with Sue Stark

2022 07 Podcast Episode 29 Thumbnail

Sue Stark, President, BlueScope Buildings North America, Inc. (BBNA) shares her career experience, insights as a leader and why accessibility is integral to the creation of inclusive workplaces.

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28. Celebrating 50 Years of the BOS

2022 07 Podcast Episode 28 Thumbnail

On 13 July 2022, our Basic Oxygen Steelmaking (BOS) facility at the Port Kembla Steelworks celebrates its 50th anniversary!

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27. At Lindenfels with George Edgar

2022 06 Podcast Episode 27 Thumbnail

Meeting at the historic Lindenfels residence, former General Manager George Edgar shares his personal story and insights into how steelmaking has changed.

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26. The Cadetship Experience

2022 06 Podcast Episode 26 Thumbnail

Miranda Du Toit, Callum Bourke, Rosa Tran, Michael Thompson and Simon Took are at different stages of their careers but they all have one thing in common: they started at BlueScope as cadets.

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25. Climate Action and Sustainability

2022 05 Podcast Episode 25 Thumbnail

Three BlueScope people discuss the company’s strategy for climate action and sustainability across its global operations—now and for the future.

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24. Health and Well-being with Steph O'Dwyer

2022 05 Podcast Episode 24 Thumbnail

As Health, Well-being and Innovation Manager, Steph O'Dwyer discusses her career, the importance of health and well-being and how it felt to be recognised with the Safety Advocacy Award at the 2022 Women in Industry Awards.

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23. Stories from No. 6 Blast Furnace

2022 05 Podcast Episode 23 Thumbnail

Four former employees return to Port Kembla Steelworks, where they reminisce about their past work with No. 6 Blast Furnace and discuss the future reline of this crucial piece of infrastructure.

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22. Talking Trades with Tay Kruizinga

2022 02 Podcast Episode 22 Thumbnail

We chat with Tay Kruizinga, an award-winning Licensed Graded Tradesperson in Port Kembla, Australia. She tells her career-change story, shares what she loves about her role and explains how other women can pursue work in trades.

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21. Dave Bell's Legacy

2022 02 Podcast Episode 21 Thumbnail

After an impressive 43 years with BlueScope, Dave Bell (retiring General Manager Manufacturing at Port Kembla) reflects on his career, describes the people he’s met along the way and explains how the company has evolved.

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20. Partnering with Road Safety Education

2021 12 Podcast Episode 20 Thumbnail

We learn about New Zealand Steel's partnership with Road Safety Education, a not-for-profit organisation that is committed to reducing trauma on our roads by educating young people in senior high school.

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19. A Taste of AGM 2021

2021 12 Podcast Episode 19 Thumbnail

This episode includes excerpts from the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) and reflections on company performance for the year, along with a behind-the-scenes interview after the event.

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18. Expanding North Star BlueScope Steel

2021 10 Podcast Episode 18 Thumbnail

Situated in Delta, Ohio in the United States, North Star BlueScope Steel has been undertaking a major expansion project. We meet four people there who explain the company, its teams and the project.

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17. Diversity and Inclusion at New Zealand Steel

2021 09 Podcast Episode 17 Thumbnail

Benn Williams, Katy Jones, Mark Weaver and Mikaela Keir join the podcast to discuss their work on the Identity committee at New Zealand Steel, which promotes the benefits of diversity and inclusion at work and beyond.

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16. The Lysaght Family

2021 09 Episode 16 — John Lysaght And Family At Springhill, NSW

We were thrilled to welcome 91-year-old John Lysaght (former Lysaght MD) and his family to our Springhill Plant at the Port Kembla Steelworks in Australia. Hear the interview with the family by Michael Reay.

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15. Social Responsibility in Thailand

2021 08 Episode 15 — Roofing Donations

We meet Steven O'Connor and Petcharat Wongkamonrat from NS BlueScope in Thailand, who share stories about how the company has been promoting health, sustainability and education across the country.

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14. BlueScope People on Jawun

2021-06 Podcast Episode 14 Thumbnail

We hear from a panel of four BlueScope employees who participated in Jawun Indigenous Corporate Partnerships in Australia, as they encourage others to apply for the program.

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13. The Apprenticeship Experience

2021-04 Podcast Episode 13 Thumbnail

Aidan Grindle, Bradley Heino, Naomi Alves and Stuart Kerr are at different stages of their careers but they each have one thing in common: they all started at BlueScope as apprentices.

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12. Meeting CareerTrackers Interns

2021 02 Podcast Episode 12 Thumbnail

We speak with Letitia Sutherland Napaltjarri and Rachael Robinson, two interns with CareerTrackers, to learn more about their experiences with the program and working at BlueScope.

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11. A Taste of AGM 2020

2020 12 Podcast Episode 11 Thumbnail

At BlueScope, like many others, we have adapted the way that we work. This episode reflects on these changes in 2020 and includes excerpts from our AGM, as we look ahead to 2021.

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10. BlueScope in South Granville

2020 12 Podcast Episode 10 Thumbnail

Located in Sydney, this site produces flat steel products for building and construction. Alex Buckoski and Mandi Kumar explain what goes on there.

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9. Remembering the Bushfires with Craig Roadcap

2020 12 Podcast Episode 9 Thumbnail

Craig Roadcap, Branch Manager at Batemans Bay, tells the story of how he and his team kept their site safe and running during the devastating bushfires of 2019.

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8. Modern-day Pioneers of the BOS

2020 11 Podcast Episode 8 Thumbnail

Meet three modern-day pioneers at the Port Kembla BOS: Ruby O’Driscoll, Kiana Rodgers and Gillian Smillie. They were the first to constitute an all-female team in the control-room—a crucial point in our process.

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7. Making a Difference in Fiji

2020 11 Podcast Episode 7 Thumbnail

We speak with Justin Tierney (GM, BlueScope Fiji) and Bhavesh Kumar (Director, RC Manubhai Group of Companies) about what it's like to work with diverse cultures in Fiji and make a difference to building standards there.

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6. Community Initiatives at NS BlueScope

2020 11 Podcast Episode 6 Thumbnail

We speak with Shaun Yeo, Hung Dang and Maharany (Nikki) Putri about the various corporate social responsibility programmes that are happening at NS BlueScope in Southeast Asia.

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5. Renovation Poetry with John Conran

2020 10 Podcast Episode 5 Thumbnail

In this episode, we chat with John Conran from Port Kembla about his career and how he won an internal competition (linked to Australian TV show 'The Block') with a creative, poetic entry.

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4. Exploring the Skin Pass Mill

2020 09 Podcast Episode 4 Thumbnail

Visiting a lesser-known section of the Port Kembla Steelworks in Australia, the Skin Pass Mill, we meet three BlueScope employees who offer their own perspectives on this important part of the steelmaking process.

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3. The BlueScope Foundation with Jill Harmon

2020 09 Podcast Episode 3 Thumbnail

We hear from Jill Harmon, Foundation Director at The BlueScope Foundation in the USA. She speaks about the work that the foundation does to support charities in local communities, along with her career and personal interests.

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2. A New Coil Plate Line

2020 09 Podcast Episode 2 Thumbnail

We meet four individuals who are part of the team that constructed a new coil plate line at the Port Kembla Steelworks in Australia—from the ground up.

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1. Introducing Voices of BlueScope

Voices Of Bluescope Intro Thumbnail

Welcome to the first episode of our podcast Voices of BlueScope. Stay tuned for future interviews with BlueScope people!

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