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Announcing the Voices of BlueScope Podcast!

2020 Voices Of Bluescope Artwork (Social Version)

Hear directly from BlueScope people (from Australia and around the world) who work every day to create strong, resilient businesses, products and workplaces, which benefit our communities for the future.

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Meet Benjamin, Electrical Engineer

2020 03 Faces Of Bluescope Benjamin Thumbnail

Check out the latest Faces of BlueScope! Working in steel-treatment at the Port Kembla Steelworks, Benjamin gives us an insight into his experience at BlueScope and background as an engineering cadet.

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WIN News Illawarra Welcomes BlueScope Cadets and Apprentices

2020 03 WIN News Illawarra Cadets And Apprentices Thumbnail

It was fantastic to see BlueScope cadets and apprentices with HVTC featured on WIN News Illawarra. Watch the report to learn more.

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Meet Belinda, Customer Service Representative

2020 02 Belinda Barton

For our latest Faces of BlueScope, Belinda discusses her experience of joining BlueScope's Lysaght Biggera Waters branch and what it was like to communicate with the talent-acquisition function in the recruitment process.

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FocusOn New Cadets and Apprentices

2020 03 Focuson New Cadets And Apprentices Video Thumbnail

We chatted with a range of new starters at the Port Kembla Steelworks on their very first day at work with us in 2020. Hear what they had to say.

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BlueScope and CareerTrackers

2020 Letitia Careertrackers

BlueScope is excited to be collaborating with the CareerTrackers Indigenous internship programme. As an example of such collaboration, we are pleased to share the story of BlueScope intern Letitia Sutherland Napaltjarri.

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BlueScope Named 'Inclusive Employer' by the DCA

DCA Inclusive Employers 2019–2020

At BlueScope, we are proud to have been named as one of the Diversity Council Australia's (DCA) inclusive employers for 2019–2020.

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Faces of BlueScope Relaunched in 2020

Youtube Faces Of Bluescope Screenshot

Learn more about the refreshed Faces of BlueScope series on YouTube.

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Meet Natalie, Governance Administrator

2019 Natalie Melbourne

Natalie is based in the corporate head office in Melbourne and has a wealth of experience working with different stakeholders across the company. Read on to learn about her varied time with BlueScope.

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Meet Catherine, Warehouse Coordinator

2019 Catherine Granville

Catherine is based at the BlueScope site in Granville, Sydney and happily answered a few of our questions about her experience here. For Catherine, the focus on safety is one of the highlights of working with the company.

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BlueScope and the Commanders Active Citizen Project (CACP)

2019 CACP Student

As a part of BlueScopeWIN Community Partners programme, young Indigenous Australian students and organisers from the Commanders Active Citizen Project (CACP) visited the Port Kembla Steelworks for a special tour.

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Meet David, Group Manager – Financial Governance & Risk

2019 David Barton Melbourne

David explains how his experience at other firms has been useful in his current role, as well as the challenges and opportunities that BlueScope faces globally.

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Meet Brad, Employee Relations Counsel

2019 Brad Melbourne Corporate

Brad is BlueScope's in-house employment lawyer in Australia, who works closely with various stakeholders across a range of time zones. He spared a moment to give us some insights into his busy role.

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Meet Phillip, Customer Service Officer

2019 Phillip Granville NSW

Phillip works for BlueScope Flat Steel Products and was happy to explain to us what is involved in his role, addressing customer orders and enquiries from a number of different regions.

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Meet Alex, Operations Manager NSW

2019 Alex Buckoski

Alex works at BlueScope Flat Steel Products in Granville and was happy to share his recent experience here at the company after many years in different industries.

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Meet Rachael, Corporate Strategy Analyst

2019 Rachael Lew Corporate

In her role as Corporate Strategy Analyst, Rachael kindly spoke to us about her experience with BlueScope, as well as making the transition from a financial role to a strategic one.

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Meet Marc, VP Strategy

2019 Marc Melbourne Corporate

As the VP Strategy at BlueScope's corporate office in Melbourne, Marc shares his views on BlueScope's heritage, company culture and where things are heading.

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Meet Trish, Executive Assistant to the CEO

IMG 8304

Based at the head office in Melbourne, Trish kindly shared her long-term experience with BlueScope and her thoughts on the importance of people's well-being at work.

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Wollongong Start-up SALT Has Evolved into a National Body Encouraging More Women into Trades

2019 SALT Fi Shewring

A national group encouraging women into trades is moving back to the Illawarra where it all began a decade ago.

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Meet Brad, Business Development Manager

2019 Brad Granville

Working for BlueScope Flat Steel Products in New South Wales, Brad has long-term experience in the industry and is proud to sell company brands such as COLORBOND® steel. He took the time to chat with us.

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BlueScope Sponsors SALT Australia Women in Trades Conference 2019

2019 SALT Conference Sponsorship

Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) began in 2009 to provide a support network for tradeswomen, apprentices and women who wish to enter the trades.

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Working at Springhill in Port Kembla

2019 Amy Youtube Thumbnail

View our behind-the-scenes video on our site operations, with employees Aimee and Richard sharing their experiences.

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Meet Paul, Process Operator

2019 Paul Western Port

Based in Western Port, Victoria, Paul is a process operator with a wealth of experience in different industries. Read his story and advice for new starters.

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Meet Ken, State Manager

2019 Ken Granville

Working with BlueScope Flat Steel Products in New South Wales, Ken is the State Manager and he generously gave his time to share his experience with the company.

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Meet James, Process Operator

2019 James — Western Port

James is based at the Western Port site in Hastings, Victoria, and when he first joined, he was looking for a 'change of scenery'.

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Meet Irena, National Business Development Manager

2019 Irena — Granville

Based at the BlueScope Flat Steel Products site in Granville, Sydney, Irena spared the time to tell us about her experience with the company.

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Meet Rebecca, HR Business Partner

2019–06 Rebecca Carione BFSP

Rebecca works for BlueScope Flat Steel Products and engages with a range of businesses within the company.

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Emily Trott: The Power of One

2019 Emily Trott NAWO Stories

Emily is completing a secondment as a Maintenance Strategist within the Cold Reduction Management Team.

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Meet Adam, Process Operator

2019 Adam Wickham Western Port 2 IMG 7818

Adam is based at the Western Port site in Hastings, Victoria, and when he first joined, he was looking for a new role to support his growing family.

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Meet Ferdi and Sarah, Process Operators

2019 Group Photo Western Port 3 IMG 7824

Ferdi and Sarah are two faces of BlueScope based at the Western Port site and both came from different work and study backgrounds.

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Meet Barry, Storeman

2018 Barry Mason Emu Plains 2 IMG 6633

Barry is a long-term employee at the Emu Plains site for BlueScope Building Components. Employees of the company have the chance to develop their skills and learn to use new machinery in different parts of the site.

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Meet Vanessa, People Advisor — HR & Training

2019 Vanessa Attard Western Port 2 IMG 7831

Vanessa is based at Western Port and has brought a range of experience from an earlier career in the defence force. She kindly answered some questions about her career transition and work with BlueScope.

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Meet Robert, Warehouse Supervisor

2018 Robert Faatau South Granville 1 IMG 6667

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Robert has a number of responsibilities at the South Granville site for BlueScope Flat Steel Products. He took a moment to answer questions about his time at the company.

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Meet Mick, Process Operator

2019 Michael Lees Western Port 4 IMG 7754

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Mick is a dedicated operator at BlueScope's Western Port site in Hastings, Victoria, and has seen various changes in the industry.

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Meet Kaitlyn, Storeperson

2018 Kaitlyn Martin Auburn 2 IMG 6539

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Kaitlyn is a hard-working storeperson at the Orrcon Steel site in Auburn. She is a great example of intergenerational pride in the company.

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BlueScope Apprentices Reach First Milestone

2019 03 HVTC Apprentices Bluescope Milestone

It was a special day for BlueScope apprentices with HVTC on 4 March, who finally got to commence their trade careers in the workplace.

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Meet George, Operator (Packaging)

2018 George Zafiriou Chullora 5 IMG 6489

One of the many faces of BlueScope, George is an experienced BlueScope employee who has witnessed great shifts over the history of the organisation, ranging from processes to people.

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Meet Anna, Account Coordinator

2018 Anna Williams Chullora

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Anna is a young member of the BlueScope staff in Chullora. She has a range of different work experience and loves to engage directly with customers.

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Meet Dionne, Finance Systems Specialist

2019 Dionne Malone – Port Kembla

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Dionne works in finance and is devoted to increasing the efficiency of processes and communication throughout the business. Learn more about her role below.

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IWD Illawarra 2019 Profile: Vicky Collins

2019 Empower IWD Cover

Vicky Collins works as Coke Plant 1 Operations Manager and spoke at the 2019 International Women's Day event at the Port Kembla Visitor Centre.

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Meet Ketut, Storeperson

2018-06 Ketut Bisana, Storeperson.jpg

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Ketut is a dedicated storeperson at Orrcon Steel in Western Australia. Originally from Bali, Indonesia, Ketut has a passion for building and fixing.

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Meet Alison, Logistics Coordinator

2018 Alison Kelley - Port Kembla 2 IMG_6993.JPG

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Alison has considerable work experience in the field of logistics. During her time here, she has worked in more than one department and enjoys the flexibility that her job provides.

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Meet Jess, Operations Technician

2018 Jess Rooney - Archerfield 3 IMG_5204.jpg

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Jess works at the Archerfield site in Queensland. She is an excellent example of an employee with a background that was completely different from the steel industry.

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Interview with an Apprentice - Matthew Gorham

2019-02 BlueScope Apprentice - Matthew Gorham.jpg

We took the chance to speak with Matthew Gorham, another engaging and motivated apprentice in mechanical engineering. He was on site to gain practical insights into BlueScope's manufacturing process.

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Interview with an Apprentice - Stephanie Truscott

2019-02 BlueScope Apprentice - Stephanie Truscott.jpg

We recently had the chance to meet Stephanie Truscott, an enthusiastic apprentice in mechanical engineering with HVTC and TAFE. She was on site at the Port Kembla Steelworks.

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New Apprentices in Queensland

2019-02 News Apprentices Alix Frost and Hannah Bryant.JPG

The team at BlueScope is thrilled to welcome HVTC apprentices Hannah Bryant and Alix Frost! Both Hannah and Alix start today at the Orrcon Steel site in Salisbury, Queensland.

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Meet Steph, Business Partner - People

2018 Stephanie Kostovski - Port Kembla 1 IMG_6685.JPG

Steph is young staff member in Port Kembla, working as Business Partner - People. She has a multifaceted role and is constantly in touch with numerous people across the business.

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Meet Fuli, Operations Technician

2018 Faapiva (Fuli) Alagaelua - Archerfield 3 IMG_5237.jpg

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Fuli is an Operations Technician in the stores at the Archerfield site in Queensland. She has had the opportunity to learn new skills on the job and has now been with the company for a little over a year.

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Meet Edin, Process Specialist - Mechanical

2018 Edin Toromanovic - Erskine Park 2 IMG_6596.jpg

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Edin enjoys his role as Process Specialist - Mechanical at BlueScope’s Springhill manufacturing site in Erskine Park.

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Meet Shreya, Business and Logistics Support Coordinator

2018 Shreya Singh - Chullora 3 IMG_6477.jpg

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Shreya is a member of the vibrant, diverse office staff at BlueScope’s Chullora site, which handles processing and logistics.

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Meet Fernando, Processing Operator

2018 Fernando Penas - Processing Operator, Auburn.JPG

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Fernando is a Processing Operator at the Orrcon Steel site in Auburn. Although he was very busy, he kindly stopped to answer a couple of our questions.

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Meet Sabene, Account Manager

2019 Sabene Ramjan - Granville.jpg

Sabene Ramjan, Account Manager at BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, is another friendly face here at the company. She enjoys meeting and working with new people and strives to build effective customer relationships.

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Meet Naomi, High Voltage Electrician


One of the many faces of BlueScope, Naomi Alves is currently a High Voltage Electrician. At the age of 23, she won the title of Apprentice of the Year at the 2018 HVTC Excellence Awards in Newcastle.

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Meet Don, Operator (Receiving)


One of the many faces of BlueScope, Don is an experienced, long-term employee of BlueScope who has seen great change across the organisation.

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Meet Ash and Rayleen, Packline

2018 Ashleigh Amson and Rayleen Dewhurst - Erskine Park 1 IMG_6614.jpg

Two fresh, young faces at BlueScope’s manufacturing site in Erksine Park are Ash and Rayleen. In the Western Sydney Service Centre, they both work together on the packline.

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Meet Lawrence, Account Coordinator

2018 Lawrence Ho - Chullora 2 IMG_4265.jpg

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Lawrence is a recent university graduate who has undertaken a career with BlueScope. Based with the enthusiastic office staff in Chullora, he values the opportunities to learn and develop new skills.

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Meet Genevieve, Communications Coordinator

2018 Genevieve Fox - Port Kembla 3 IMG_6699.JPG

One of the many faces of BlueScope, Genevieve is currently the Communications Coordinator for the Australian Steel Products business and is based at Port Kembla.

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