Meet Vanessa, People Advisor — HR & Training

Vanessa is based at Western Port in Hastings, Victoria and has brought a range of different experience from a career in the defence force. She kindly answered some questions about her career transition and work with BlueScope.

Why did you apply for a role at BlueScope?

I joined BlueScope in May 2011 and I wanted a job where I didn’t have to move around so much. More specifically, I was looking for stability and work-life balance and had heard about BlueScope from other people who work here. I knew that it was a good company.

I had been with the Department of Defence (in the army) for 24 years and obviously there’s a lot of travelling involved in that. Previously, I worked on the catering side and in training in the army, so when I saw this role I thought that it would be a good progression for me.

What was it like when you started?

I didn’t have any surprises when I started and I think that’s because I knew someone here who was similar to me. She had adapted to the company really well. Everyone was really welcoming and so it was a good transition.

What do you enjoy about working at Western Port in particular?

I like it here because it’s close to home and there’s no need to beat the morning traffic! Also, the surrounding environment is beautiful, with a lot of bushland, and we’re also not too far from the city. It’s a great location if you’re considering moving somewhere different for work.

What would you say to those who may be considering a similar career transition?

I guess that you have to look at what ticks all of your boxes. For me, it came down to location, people, work-life balance, remuneration and the variety of tasks in the role. If you feel like you want to progress, there’s always something else for you to do or explore or at BlueScope. It’s a big place, so you can always move on to something new—you’re not going to be sitting there doing the same job all the time.


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