Meet Sabene, Account Manager

Sabene Ramjan, Account Manager at BlueScope Sheet Metal Supplies, is another friendly face here at the company. She enjoys meeting and working with new people and strives to build effective customer relationships. We wanted to gain more insights into her work and experience with BlueScope.

When did you start with BlueScope and what attracted you to the company?

I started with BlueScope on a humble Tuesday after the Christmas break on 9 January 2018. Like any new person I was nervous and quiet (although I’m not normally) but within a week I was laughing and joking with the staff and already feeling like part of the furniture. What attracted me to the company was previous business dealings with Port Kembla. Every member of the team whom I had met had been with BlueScope for over five years.

When picking a company, you want to know that people there are happy. I have always loved the mill and the key roles that it plays in developing Australia. This may be through building and infrastructure or manufacturing and transport. BlueScope can be found in at least 30 places in any one street as they try to cater to all markets.

What is involved in your role?

Key to my role is the ability to maintain and build customer relationships, as well as managing the expectations of both the client and the business. My territory is predominantly western Sydney and consists of large and small customers. In order to maintain a successful territory a couple of points will keep the territory thriving:

• effective account management;
• pricing effectively and reading the market;
• customer satisfaction;
• SOP’s understood and executed
• business development; and
• updated territory plans and strategies.

What has been one of the greatest lessons or challenges?

One of my most important lessons was how to read the market and understand the diversity of customers. All customers have different requirements, which means different types of steel. Not being from this industry, it took me a while to completely understand what products can be used for and some products blew my mind… such as aviation steel!

What do you most enjoy about working for BlueScope?

From the moment I stepped into my second interview I felt relaxed. People were telling jokes and making the mood feel more comfortable than most. When I started the amount of support that I received was amazing–not only from my boss and account managers but also internal staff and the warehouse. I felt like I had the ability to speak to anyone in the chain without worrying if I was wasting their time. Everyone at BlueScope always has time to sit down with you and teach you a new lesson every day.

Don’t get me wrong: everyone has days when a lot of things are happening simultaneously, but I have never felt like there wasn’t someone I couldn’t ask for a hand. I love working at BlueScope because I feel like I have finally found my work family.


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