Meet Rebecca, HR Business Partner

It's time to meet Rebecca, who works for BlueScope Flat Steel Products and engages with a range of businesses and teams across the company.

When did you join BlueScope?

I joined BlueScope in July 2012 and the reason that I wanted to join the business was that I wanted to work for an organisation that made a really fantastic Australian product. From an HR perspective, I also wanted to be involved with a company that works with a multitude of workforces.

What is involved in your current role?

At the moment, I am the HR Business Partner at BlueScope Flat Steel Products. On a day-to-day basis, we look at supporting and partnering with each of the state businesses, as well as the national teams. Our roles vary, so we can go from recruitment to industrial matters and we also support the business and strategic intent for the organisation.

What has been one of the most challenging or rewarding things that you’ve achieved since you started here?

I’ve been part of developing and implementing our strategic intent, which has ensured a really good focus since Flat Steel Products was formed, around where we want to go in the future. Being able to see that success now is fantastic.


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